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In Jan 2011 I arrived in the beautiful Paarl Valley. With a Banking & IT background and needing to find information on Paarl quickly, I started a Facebook page called Paarl Mammas with this simple invitation “Hey Paarl Mammas, Let’s Chat!” What  followed is an ever growing community of old and new Mammas AND Pappas.

Paarl Mammas started reaching people not only in Paarl but also those in surrounding areas including Cape Town. As word of the Paarl Mammas community began to reach businesses, they expressed an interest in marketing, and the need for a reliable and relevant advertising platform arose.

Responding to the seed that God had planted in my heart; and by implication to the potential, productivity and pleasurable results represented by this, I soon realized that to keep growing and cross over into other communities, this “baby” needed new shoes. 

Mammas Chat became that new pair of shoes.

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who once said: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I share that vision and so my dream for Mammas Chat was wonderfully and beautifully big!

This big dream was realised with the countrywide launch of Mammas Chat.  

Directory listings and Articles(subject to approval) across the country are now FREE.

(Only a R100 annual admin fee is applicable). 

Please see Why get listed on Mammas Chat for more information

Please click here for our Pricing.

Mammas Chat retains the interactive dialogue of its Paarl Mammas Facebook page which includes daily dialogues, advice, recommendations, and even requests for and many offers of help. Members are reminded though that this positive community is based on respect for any and all service providers and as such we will not tolerate any defamatory comments about individuals, professionals or businesses. Please click here for our full Terms and Conditions.

Take good counsel and accept correction – That is the way to live wisely and well.

Proverbs 19 vs. 20 from The Message Bible


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